La Vanille Crocodile Park

You will find an unforgettable nature reserve in the rainforest, next to the Rivieres des Anguille, which has an area of ​​3.5 hectares. Here Tipety travelers will meet thousands of Nile crocodiles that once lived in Madagascar. You will be surprised by the turtles. You may ride them and feed them with something tasty. The variety of animals and plants will take your breath away, monkeys will amuse Tripety travelers. Red deer walk there with a proud look. Chameleons will make you bother to find them. The crocodile park is the residence of numerous animals. All of them feel very comfortable here.

The reserve is the world’s largest breeding center for Aldabra turtles from the island with the same name – Aldabra, and for Radiata turtles from Madagascar. The turtle nursery has more than 1000 individuals. Walking through the nursery, you can meet the largest tortoise (95 years old!) who has the name Domino. Its weight is 275 kg.

All the islands of the Mascarene archipelago, including Mauritius, Rodriguez and Reunion, were inhabited by different kinds of giant land turtles, which were completely exterminated by the first colonizers in the 17th century. Their re-settlement from the Seychelles and breeding in Mauritius began in the 1880s on the recommendation of Charles Darwin.

Vanilla Park is proud of its insectarium which is one of the world’s largest insectariums. It presents private insect collections – over 23,000 exhibits! You will be able to see: butterflies, various beetles, amazing spiders and grasshoppers from Madagascar, the Mascarene Islands and the entire Indian Ocean region! For many years, this collection has been collected by one enthusiastic person – Jacques Siedlecki. The collections are valuable because the majority of its specimens can no longer be seen in nature. These insects have disappeared as a species, but continue to attract Tripety travelers in the current collection.

You may plan your visit to the Hungry Crocodile Restaurant with the Tripety business travel app. Tripety travelers can relax and have a snack there. The restaurant offers a variety of crocodile meat dishes on its menu. And do not forget to buy some crocodile leather souvenirs in the shops for your relatives. Tripety travel app may remind you!

  • The extinct Dodo is the island’s national animal and has only ever been found on Mauritius.
  • Mauritius does not have an army.
  • Mauritius is the only country in Africa to have a majority of Hindu followers.
  • Bruno Julie was the winner of the first Olympic medal for the country in 2008 after winning bronze in boxing.
  • Ever wondered what Mauritian music is like? Well, it’s called Sega and is danced to by moving one’s whole body, but not your feet. Maybe watch someone else do it before trying to improvise though!
  • The highest point on the island of Mauritius is Mont Piton which stands at 828m above sea level. Mont Piton is 250m lower than Table Mountain in Cape Town.
  • The national flag of Mauritius represents the Flamboyant Tree in red, the Indian Ocean in blue, the sunshine in yellow, and the vegetation of the island in green.
  • Mauritian beach, Trou Aux Biches was awarded with the world’s best beach destination award in 2011.
  • The island of Mauritius has formed roughly 9 million years ago from lava that was released from underwater volcanoes.
  • Mauritius has a number of smaller uninhabited islands surrounding its coastline which are accessible by boat. These include: Ile aux Benitiers, aux Cerfs, Ile Plate and more.

Tripety travelers will be able to see caimans, iguanas, bull toads, stellar Madagascar turtles, giant turtles from the Seychelles, freshwater turtles, geckos from Ile Rond, Rodriguez fruit bats, eels, koi carps, monkeys, frogs, wild boars, mongooses, deer, goats, sheep and donkeys. And this is not counting the collection that has been collected for more than thirty years from more than 20,000 species of insects and butterflies from five continents, which are the pride of the insectarium and Jacques Zydletsky, who collected them.

Children who are always full of energy can frolic in the specially created playground with many attractions and activities. Such an excursion will only whet your appetite for further adventures. The restaurant Crocodile Affamé (hungry crocodile), which will be a discovery for someone, but for someone familiar with entertainment, will meet you with dishes based on crocodile meat.

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