A Tourist’s Guide to Amsterdam

A Tourist’s Guide to Amsterdam

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26 Apr, 2022 | 12:22

Amsterdam with its small coffee shops, iconic canals, cobblestone pavements, flower-styled bridges, and colorful townhouses is a picture you’ll never forget. It’s one of the cities that attracts all kinds of travelers: the history buffs, the artists, the romantics, the backpackers, and more.

From cultural attractions like the Anne Frank House to picturesque parks, tulip fields, hip shops, and some nostalgia, the city never stops captivating us. With bicycle lanes, a sense of calm, quiet streets, world-class restaurants, bustling bars, and a thriving art scene, you’ll be forever entrapped by its magic.

So, if you’re ready to visit Netherland’s capital, here’s a short guide for you:

The Best Time to Visit Amsterdam

Late spring is the ideal season to visit the capital city. With mild temperatures perfect for biking, walking, and exploring, you’ll be able to see the city in its rawness. April sees the bloom of tulips and the famous King’s Day carnival.

Early fall sees pleasant temperatures and outdoor opportunities. Winter is great too with frosty air, frozen canals, holiday spirit around, and a lack of crowd.


The Netherlands uses Euro as currency and residents here speak Dutch. However, they’re all very fluent in English.

colorful buildings and bikes

Getting Around the City

Amsterdam has a well-designed transport network. From buses, ferries, and metros to trains, bicycles, rideshare, you’ll never be stuck.

Must-Visit Places in Amsterdam

Start with a Free Walking Tour

A walking tour of the city will help you get accustomed to the city. You’ll learn history, see major sights, and explore the canals.

Visit the Amsterdam History Museum

You’ll need a good three hours for this. Explore relics, paintings, and maps, and see how the city has grown over time.

Leisure Away in Rembrandt Park

If you want a place to relax in, head over to this park and wander leisurely.

Check out Anne Frank’s House

Amsterdam’s biggest attraction will let you learn about the life of Anne Frank through writings, photos, personal items, and videos.

Van Gogh Museum

The famous Vincent Van Gogh resided in the Netherlands, among many other famous artists. Visit this museum and explore all these works of art.

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