World’s Top 5 Zen Destinations for Nature Lovers

World’s Top 5 Zen Destinations for Nature Lovers

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09 Feb, 2022 | 08:20

Nature is more than just beautiful; it has been shown to offer tremendous mental and physical health benefits to us. If you’re looking for a nature retreat to reconnect with yourself, you can always visit the places listed below and recharge.

Kyoto, Japan

Japan is the home of Zen Buddhism, a country with many peaceful and tranquil places full of positive, calming energy, including manicured gardens, teahouses, Shinto shrines, temples, and more. Kyoto, for centuries, has been the urbanites’ retreat into peace. The city has over 1,600 temples, Zen gardens, and Koi ponds. If you want a Zen place, this is definitely it.


Naejangsan, South Korea

A three-hour drive south of Seoul leads you to Naejangsan, a popular mountain spot with hikers and out-of-town people. It’s a place that carries year-round natural beauty, especially in autumn when nutmeg trees that are over 600 years old turn their green leaves into crisp hues of amber and red, and in spring when cherry blossoms bloom in their pinkness.

There are also two Buddhist temples tucked away in the mountain where visitors can stop by and rest.

 a nature spot

a nature spot


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam, where the art of doing nothing, or niksen, originated. This city has a lazy feel about it, where you can meander along exploring the streets, sit at a café and let the world pass you by, or visit Oude Kerk, a magnificent church that dates back to 1250. And when you want to explore, you can always head over to Rijkmuseum and the Van Gogh museum.


Bora Bora

For some, Zen means beaches and not temples. Bora bora is an island northwest of Tahiti and offers unmatchable views of the sun, the sea, and everything beautiful. Stay in an over-water hut and surround yourself with the expansive sea to make everything quiet for a while.



The nature island of the Caribbean, Dominica is for those that want to retreat just into nature. It’s a lush place full of countless rivers, waterfalls, rain forests, hot springs, and so much more. This is where you can explore the world and find a connection within yourself.



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