What Should You Keep in Your Traveling First Aid Kit

What Should You Keep in Your Traveling First Aid Kit

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18 Feb, 2022 | 01:00

Whether it’s a short business trip, a long vacation, or a drive across the country to watch a soccer game, you never know when you might need to make an emergency dash. So rather than being unprepared and scrambling around frantically looking for vital medical supplies, why not pack yourself a travel first aid kit with items that will save the day?

Here are some essentials that you should always keep in your first aid kit.

Pain Relievers

Heading out for that long road trip? Make sure you add some pain relievers to your first aid kit. Whether your destination is a remote cabin with no electricity or a rural campground, pain relief in the form of ice packs and medicated ointments is essential on every trip. Add in some OTC medications like ibuprofen and acetaminophen to help deal with fever and relax sore muscles as well.

Travel Antiseptic Towelettes

While you’re at it, pick up an extra box of alcohol wipes as well. These handy wipes can be used to clean wounds and scratches. They can also serve as a very effective antiseptic that kills 99% of all germs!

a first aid kit

Adhesive Bandages and Gauze

To protect your wounds, you’ll need some bandages as well. Ensure you include some adhesive bandages for minimal bleeding and treating a wound in your first aid kit. And if you’re packing for an adventurous trip, pick up a roll of gauze and a roll of medical tape to help secure the wound, so it doesn’t become septic.

Antibiotic Ointment

While you’re at it, pick up an extra box of antibiotic ointment for any cuts that don’t require stitches. This can easily get rid of any bacteria left behind on your skin if you’ve fallen or are injured in a way that didn’t result in a laceration.


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