Top Travel Destinations Across Europe You Need to Visit In 2022!

Top Travel Destinations Across Europe You Need to Visit In 2022!

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29 Mar, 2022 | 10:48

Europe has always been a very popular destination for all kinds of people. Perhaps it’s because of its rich history, the stunning green landscape, the incredible food, or because of how scenic it is. Regardless, Europe is a great place to visit. However, trying to figure out where to go can be quite tricky, especially after the Covid-19 situation. Here are some places you must visit on your trip around Europe.


This small city is located in Malta and is situated between harbors. It started back in 1566, which is why it has been named a UNESCO world heritage site. It is one of the most extraordinary cities to visit in Europe because of its rich history and its many gilded cathedrals, mansions with city gates, gardens, and bastion walls. If you do visit Valletta, you tour the Grand Harbor, fire cannons, and visit the Saluting Battery.


As the capital city of Iceland, Reykjavik offers a lot of activities for travelers and is also riddled with amazing scenic spots. One popular spot is the Perlan museum which offers a 360 view all over the capital and can be visited any time of the year. Hallgrímskirkja church is another highly sought-after place. Not only is it a parish church, but it also functions as a national sanctuary.
If you are looking for a more relaxing place, you can visit the Nauthólsvík Geothermal Beach or check out the volcanic vents and hot springs of Krýsuvík.

Picture of Reykjavik covered in snow


Located in Croatia, Dubrovnik is one of the most mind-blowing spots. The crystal-clear seas, the warm climate, and numerous coves and bays around Dubrovnik are definitely worth a visit, especially if you are on a relaxing vacation. This city’s own town vibe isn’t lost on most people since a small part of this city was also featured in a very popular series called Game of Thrones.

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