Tenerife, the Dream Island

Tenerife, the Dream Island

Tripety Expert
19 Aug, 2020 | 04:29

Tenerife is the largest and the most popular island of the Canary archipelago. If you are visiting this island for the first time, you’ll be astonished by its stunning nature, including ancient volcanoes, golden and black sand beaches, and lush greenery. I have always dreamt of going to a place where it is summer all year round, where you get to meet friendly and positive people and explore the beauty around you. In this blog, I want to share my personal experience of staying in Tenerife with you guys. So if you are planning on visiting this island soon, this information would be useful and interesting for you. Let the journey begin!

Be prepared

As my trip was planned in advance, I made sure to think about the most important things to take with me in Tripety. This travel planner app helped me a lot during the trip preparation – all of my documents, as well as tickets were scanned and stored within the platform. Plus, I’ve added two of my trip companions to the group travel planner, so we all could stay in touch to discuss important things.

Also, I would recommend exploring Tenerife by car. This way, you will have an opportunity to see the whole island from North to South without depending on public transport, which is often very slow and infrequent. It’s better to take care of this in advance with the help of Tripety travel planner – it allows making a reservation inside the app from one of its world-known partners such as Booking or Skyscanner.

Choose accommodation wisely

The location of a hotel is the first thing for me to take into account when it comes to picking accommodation. It is even more important than the number of stars the hotel has. My main criteria were the proximity to the ocean and the availability of nice beaches around. As I set a specific budget for my hotel expenses in the budget travel planner (which wasn’t too big), I decided to go for a 3-star HOVIMA Jardin Caleta hotel in Costa Adeje. The overall impression of this hotel is quite positive, and I would rather recommend it to you.

If you think about staying here, take a look at some points for consideration that you may find useful:


  • the price is relatively low: 4 nights cost around 380 € including breakfast and dinner;
  • location: the hotel is situated near the ocean and has its own black sand beach, in case you don’t like this one, choose any 4- and 5-star hotels beach nearby, no admission fee required;
  • great view: my room had a lovely balcony overlooking the ocean as well as pretty local houses and villas;
  • nice entertainment program: while staying at this hotel, we had an opportunity to watch Spanish national dances and listen to talented musicians.


  • the menu is not very diverse: even though dinners offered different dishes from time to time, breakfasts still consisted of the same old things like bacon, scrambled eggs, toasts, and milk porridge every day;
  • there is no doctor in the hotel: if you are feeling sick, all the hotel staff can do for you is to call out a pretty expensive doctor from the nearest hospital, until that time you will receive no medicine whatsoever.

Enjoy the best beaches

There are several things you need to know about Tenerife beaches. A long time ago, the island was created by a volcanic eruption, so the sand here is originally of black and greyish colors. But thanks to the proximity to Africa, Tenerife inhabitants can import white and golden sand, which feels nicer and is more familiar to the European tourists.

Here is my list of the must-see beaches that you should definitely mark in your travel planner app:

  • Playa Torviscas. This beach is perfect for swimming as it has calm and transparent water. Also, it provides some great spots for relaxation with nice-looking beach umbrellas.
  • El Duque. The golden sand beach is a wonderful place to have a rest from the upmarket area. Visit El Duque on a hot sunny day and lie in the shadow of a big rock fencing it from the nearby beaches.
  • Los Gigantes. One of the most picturesque black sand beaches in Tenerife. Admire the gigantic cliffs named Acantilados de Los Gigantes that rise to a height of up to 2,625 ft.
  • Playa La Arena. This one is great for surfers as the waves are usually pretty high here, thanks to a large number of hidden rocks. But remember to be very careful and pay attention to the lifeguards’ instructions.
  • Playa de Las Teresitas. Probably the most beautiful golden sand beach surrounded by fascinating palm trees and filled with all the luxurious facilities like bars, restaurants, paddle area and so on.

Explore top tourist attractions

Teide National Park

One of the oldest national parks in Spain, which is located in the central part of Tenerife, deserves to be included into your travel itinerary planner for sure. Teide National Park is protected by UNESCO World Heritage Site and is home to the highest mountain in the country – Mount Teide (12,198 ft). Not only can you enjoy the volcanic scenery, canyons and pines, but you can also adore the breathtaking view from the top of Teide. The only thing to remember is that you have to book a ticket to mount a cable car in advance as it is impossible to buy on the spot. Also, be prepared that due to the weather conditions, the mountain rise may be canceled (with a full refund though) like it happened to us. In any case, remember to wear warm clothes and comfortable shoes as the Teide’s top is a very windy place.

La Gomera

Another great way to spend your day is to visit La Gomera island, a close neighbor of Tenerife. Every day a huge ferry is leaving the Southern port to take you to La Gomera, so make a note in your travel route planner to book tickets. During the cruise, you will be entertained by dancing, fun contests, and energetic music. La Gomera welcomes the tourists with extremely beautiful palm-filled valleys, ancient Garajonay National Park and forest as well as spectacular viewpoints. What is special about this island is that it is the only place in the world where local people managed to preserve their whistling language called Silbo, understood by no one except for them. No wonder that this unique language is now a part of the Intangible Cultural Heritage. For those who want to hear Silbo with their own ears, there are some restaurants in La Gomera that provide special demonstrations of this language. Also, make sure to walk down the capital of the island, San Sebastian. This historic city is known to have hosted Christopher Colombus in 1492 right before he went West to search for India.

Siam Park

This world-famous aquapark has been recognized to be the best one in the world six times in a row. I have tried almost every ride and attraction in the park. My favorite is called The Wave Palace, which represents a pool with artificial waves up to 10 ft high. Other cool rides include Mekong Rapids, Dragon, and The Vulcano. The only attraction I missed is a Tower of Power that is 91 ft high and reaches a speed of up to 50 ml/h. Now I regret it a bit, but then it just seemed too scary to me. Anyway, I highly recommend visiting Siam Park with your friends and family and have a time of your life! 28m

Loro Parque

Loro Parque was originally created to be a special place to host various kinds of parrots. The word “loro” is translated as “a parrot” from Spanish, indicating the initial purpose of this park. Now Loro Parque is a home to different kinds of apes, red pandas, penguins, sharks, snakes, and of course, numerous species and subspecies of parrots. My personal recommendations would be visiting the amazing shows given by adorable dolphins, mighty orcas, and cute sea lions. This is by far the best animal park I have ever visited and would be very happy to return to.

A little tip from me: if you are planning to enjoy both Siam Park and Loro Parque, buy a twin ticket. One adult ticket to Siam Park/Loro Parque costs 38 €, but if you take a twin ticket, the price would be 66 €. Don’t forget to save this info into your travel budget planner to manage your money in the best way.

Boat trip

Set sail to see the dolphins and whales in their natural habitat during a luxury 3-hour yacht cruise. This is something that every Tenerife tourist should experience! Get a chance to observe these beautiful marine animals in the waters between Tenerife and La Gomera and also try snorkeling with turtles. We had the most wonderful time being a part of a small group of people sailing on a gorgeous yacht with constant champagne and snacks. Add a boat trip to the Tripety travel planner app and go on an exciting journey!

A trip to Garachico

Garachico is a small town on the Northern coast of Tenerife with a quite sad history – volcano eruptions twice destroyed it. That’s why this town has many natural pools made out of set volcanic rocks where locals and tourists can now swim and sunbathe. Nowadays, Garachico is a very picturesque town with its own peculiar atmosphere that makes you feel like you are going back in time. Cozy narrow streets, quaint old churches, lovely parks, and squares – all of this can be found in this delightful town. Plan a trip to Garachico and see its uniqueness and beauty with your own eyes!

As you can see, Tenerife is a real dream island which can attract any traveler. This place is a little paradise with never-ending summer, rich flora and fauna, and all sorts of fun.
So what are you waiting for? Start your personal travel planner and organize an unforgettable journey to the magical Tenerife island!


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