Items You Need to Carry for a Long Road Trip

Items You Need to Carry for a Long Road Trip

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21 Feb, 2022 | 12:55

A long road trip can be exciting and thrilling. However, you should always be prepared for the unforeseen circumstances you may face on the road. If your car runs out of gas during the trip or you lose network in a remote area, you might need some essentials to get to safety.

That’s why we have compiled a list of travel essentials for a long road trip.


In case your phone battery dies or reception is spotty on the road, be sure to have paper maps on hand in case of emergency! You don’t want to get lost in the middle of nowhere. A good old map can help you find where the closest gas station or a motel is. On your worst day, a paper map can save your life.

Water and Snacks

Stocking up on water and snacks is worth the extra weight in your trunk to keep yourself fed and hydrated, not to mention a good way to avoid expensive gas station food! Most service stations provide free water for anyone who wants it, so you can save money by filling up with bottled water before you hit the road.

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Phone Charger

Your phone is an essential tool if you’re planning to use mapping apps or just make calls; ensure that it’s charged and working properly before you hit the road. You’ll also want to make sure you have an adapter if you plan on plugging your phone into a car charger or the cigarette lighter of a rental car.

First Aid Kit

if you’re traveling with kids, remember to pack some band-aids and antiseptic wipes to treat anyone injured or bruised on the trip. A small bottle of ibuprofen and an allergy pill is always good to have, just in case your road trip takes a turn for the worse.

Travel Pillow

Unless your seat back comes with a really good headrest, you’re going to need a pillow to keep your neck and back comfortable. A long road trip can lead to severe neck pain, and if you’re not properly rested, you may not be able to enjoy the rest of your trip.

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