How to Save Money When Traveling in a Group

How to Save Money When Traveling in a Group

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24 Feb, 2022 | 01:45

Before hitting the airport or train station with your traveling group, take some time to plan all the details with your friends. Staying organized will help save money on unexpected costs like eating out.

Here are some simple ways to make the most of your next group trip.

Plan your meals

You’re going to be eating a lot of meals and snacks on the road. You can keep costs down by being prepared to share the meals with your friends. Ask each person to provide their favorite go-to meal that makes for easy travel. A cheap grocery store run before you hit the road will save you from picking up those overpriced airport or train station meals!

Share the taxi rides

This tip is especially important when you’re traveling abroad. Sharing a ride among 2 or more friends can save you money — and a lot of time. Carpooling is an easy way to save money; you can split the costs among all the passengers.

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Share a hotel room

You’re each paying for a bed and bathroom when you book hotel rooms. That can add up quickly to your budget. So, unless you have a specific reason for booking separate rooms, it’s better if you don’t! Splitting the costs and sharing a room with friends can save you a lot of money. Sometimes sharing practical jokes or snoring isn’t that bad after all!


Look for Group Discounts

If you have time to be on the road with your group, don’t skip a chance to take in some sightseeing! Depending on your destination, there may be museums and other attractions around the city or nearby that often offer group discounts. Find a day trip that is easy to book and can accommodate everyone in your group.


Use a Group Itinerary Planner

If you’re traveling in a group, you must try Tripety. It’s an online travel group planner that allows people to sync their trips in real-time. You can share your favorite destinations, plans and follow the same itinerary, and budget your trip expenses at your fingertips.


The free travel itinerary and road trip planner also lets you find the best deals on local hotels, restaurants, and travel spots.


Sign up today to learn more about the online itinerary planner!


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