Troodos Mountains

Troodos Mountains is Cyprus’s largest mountain range and is right at the center of the island. The mountain range is a historic landmark for its Byzantine monasteries and churches that go back to biblical times. When it comes to tourism, this Mediterranean gem is covered in snow in winter, which makes it a popular destination for skiers. During the summer, tourists from all around the world engage in a jeep safari, camping, cycling, and hiking. With an abundance of waterfalls, nature trails, and dams, along with mountain resorts, cycling routes, camping sites, Troodos Mountains truly are worth visiting. 

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  • The highest point of the Troodos Mountain range is Mount Olympus, which stands over 6400 ft tall. 
  • The Troodos Mountains are among the few places in the world where scientists study the oceanic crust without being in the ocean. 
  • Some locals suggest that the name of the island ‘Kypros’ came from ‘cuprum,’ the Latin name for copper. This is because; the mountain range is one of the five most copper-rich areas in the world. 
  • 10 Byzantine monuments in the Troodos Mountain region from the 10th century to the 17th century are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. 
  • Troodos is a popular destination for mountain bikers. Troodos National Park has official cycling routes up to 35 miles, along with altitude up to 1300 ft. 
  • Troodos offers a blend of Mediterranean and Greek cuisine with popular dishes, which include Souvlakia, Shaftalia, Koupepia,  fried Haloumi cheese, and Cypriot coffee.

Xantara Falls. The Xantara Falls are found on the Trooditissa River, near the village of Fini. It is deep in the forest, and the water here falls from a height of just about 26 ft, which makes it a perfect spot for swimming and camping. 

Prodromos. Prodromos is the highest village in the Troodos Mountain range at an elevation of 4500 ft. It is an amazing tourist attraction with friendly people, a stunning view, and incredible local cuisine. It is one of the most-visited places in the region. 

Kampi Tou Kalogirou Campsite. For tourists who fancy camping in the forest, this is one of the best campsites in Troodos. It is right at the center of the Troodos Mountains, and close to Trooditissa river and Prodromos village.  You can find benches, bathrooms, running water, barbeque facilities, along with outdoor leisure activities, like foraging, hunting, and archery. 

Atalanti Trail. The Atalanti Trail starts from Troodos Square and is a 4-5 hour journey in which tourists can explore nature and wildlife. On the trail, you can come across different mammals and birds like Mouflon, fox, Wood Pigeon, and Cyprus Warblers. However, tourists should wear long pants and boots to stay protected from venomous reptiles on the trail, such as the Cyprus viper and Cyprus snake. 

So, get your passport, travel planner, and gear ready. Climb the Troodos Mountains, and see the world more than it can see you.

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