The Corniche

Generally, a road is just that – a road: a way to get from point A to point B. However, Dubai is anything but generic. So, the Corniche is not just a road, but with its beaches, swimming areas, children’s playgrounds, and whatnot, it is also one of Abu Dhabi’s most desirable tourist attractions. 

The stylish boulevard stretches for almost 10 miles through the waterfront and is flanked by gorgeous gardens and rich green lawns. 

For this reason, we recommend a stroll across the Corniche, rather than using a cab or bus. This will allow you to relax, savor the heavenly sights, and breathe in gulps of refreshing air. If you wish to know more about what the stunning strip of Corniche has in store for you, use our Tripety travel itinerary planner app.

  • In 2002, the land retrieved from the sea was used to extend the Corniche. 
  • Nearly 50,000 visitors come to the Corniche every month.
  • Floating ocean barriers have been installed to keep swimmers within 40 meters of the shore. 
  • Owing to its excellent safety and environmental standards, the Corniche beach has earned the distinguished Blue Flag Status. 
  • In the past, ships and dhows docked at the Corniche and offloaded cargo.

The Yellow Boat Tour: The hour-long tour is one of the most thrilling ways to witness many of Abu Dhabi’s primary attractions, starting with the striking Emirates Palace (more about it later). The next stop would be the Corniche itself, but this time with the breathtaking panoramic views that will make the boulevard seem a hundred times more aesthetic. The exhilarating tour will conclude with the fishermen’s village, where you will be able to see the exquisitely carved wooden fishing boats. This place’s simplicity will provide a stark contrast to the two previous, meticulously designed sites. 

Visit the Emirates Palace: If you are a tourist, the Emirates Palace is excellent. If you are an Instagrammer tourist, the place is heaven. With its charming landscape, complemented by the beautiful fountains and the subtle golden shade, it is unsurprisingly one of the city’s most visited destinations. Take in the grandiosity as you walk through the great halls, with its thousand chandeliers, and over one-hundred domes. If you manage to step out of the palace, a splendid dinner awaits your ravenous stomach. You can tuck in at any one of the many restaurants nearby, the most notable of which are Gold Cappuccino and Meziai Emirati

Heritage Village: Even though Dubai has come a long way from its desert days, the Heritage Village lets you peek into the region’s past. Complete with a souk, encampment, and mosque, be prepared to turn back the clocks with this enchanting tourist attraction. It is a good thing that the entry is free, as that will allow you to spend a bit on the gift shop where highly skilled artisans are busy displaying their enticing masterpieces. Or, if you are interested in herbs or handmade soaps, you can visit the small spice shop.

The Corniche’s versatility and uniqueness make it a bucket-list item for any traveler. If you wish to cross this place off your bucket list, plan a trip to Abu Dhabi with our Tripety travel planner app.

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