South Luangwa National Park

South Luangwa is one of the most amazing places among Zambia’s national parks. It is located in the north-eastern part of Zambia. This pace has about 9,050 square kilometers of the unspoiled African wilderness. 

The Luangwa river has its very picturesque places in laguna. It has beautiful riverine vegetation of evergreen mahogany and ebony trees. Tripety travelers can meet such big wild animals as elephants, lions, hippos, Cape buffalos, and others. 

There are also such unique animals as giraffes, zebras, and crocodiles. But also Luangwa National Park is famous for its wife population of leopards. 

This park concentrates more than 400 different species of birds. 

South Luangwa National Park is considered the place of the walking safari. There are many small horses and camps that will let you come closer to the wild animal. Tripety travel planner will help you to book and organize a night drive. This activity is totally different from the noon activity as many night animals become active at night and you will enjoy watching them. 

Tripety budget planner will help you to find and plan the best accommodations in the national park according to your preferences and budget. A lot of camps and lodges are located along the Luangwa river where you will be impressed with the most impressive landscapes.

The closest airport to South Luangwa National Park is Mfuwe Airport. You may plan a trip to the national park all year round as each season is beautiful itself.

  • Size: the park covers an area of 9,000km2.
  • Wildlife spotting opportunities: zebra, hippo, buffalo and 14 species of antelope can all be spotted here.
  • Unique for: being the place where walking safaris originated.
  • Flora: there are a large number of incredible baobabs and ebony forests.

In addition to beautiful landscapes, the park has an exotic species of fauna. In the dry season, here Tripety travelers can see herds of buffaloes, zebras, and antelopes that gather close to the river to drink some water. Hippos and crocodiles live in swampy places along the banks of Luangwa. There are especially many elephants in the park. Their groups are of 60 – 70 individuals. Big predators are also found here – lions and leopards. In addition, the park is home to over 400 bird species.

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