Stretching along the Omani coastline for almost 16 miles, Muscat is considered one of Arabia’s most beautiful cities. Even though the city has adopted a Dubai-like building style, it has been able to retain much of its classical appeal. Unlike Dubai, almost all of Muscat’s new buildings have been restricted to three stories in height. Moreover, the Mutrah district has remained mostly unchanged over the generations.

The old corniche dominates much of Muscat’s life. The scenic waterfront is flanked by buildings from the 18th century and dominated by the striking Mutrah Fort. However, do not think that the corniche is Muscat’s only attraction. With museums, palaces, beaches, and shopping streets, the Omani capital is as charming and desirable as they come. To know the full scope of tourist destinations in Muscat, use our Tripety travel itinerary planner app.

  • Muscat has a literacy rate of almost 92%.
  • In Muscat, you can see birds from three distinct continents – Asia, Africa, and Europe.
  • The Muscat Clock Tower is Oman’s oldest monument.
  • Muscat, much like the rest of Oman, is a terrorist-free country.
  • Apart from the locals, Muscat is home to people from Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and India.
  • Mountain Dew is the most sold soft drink in Muscat.
  • Visitors in Oman are greeted with Qahwa, fruit, and a bowl full of dates.
  • The Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque – the largest mosque in the country – is located in Oman.

Mutrah Corniche. As discussed previously, the Mutrah Corniche dominates life in Muscat. The cafes, restaurants, and eateries lining the corniche are the hub of Muscat’s nightlife. On one side, you can savor the views of the Oman port and rocks of the Hajar Mountains; the other side provides a clear picture of the Portuguese watchtowers. The Mutrah Fort commands the harbor’s eastern end. Generally, visitors are not allowed inside the fort. However, you can always climb the flanks to appreciate the stunning sights of the harbor.

Grand Mosque. With a total area of 416,000 square meters, Oman’s biggest mosque can hold up to 20,000 worshippers at a time. This is one of few mosques across Arabia that allow non-Muslim visitors to enter. The Grand Mosque is a stunning piece of contemporary architecture, and the perfect fusion of Omani, Middle Eastern, and Islamic architectural styles.

Royal Opera House. This is the perfect spot for admirers of culture, arts, and music. The Royal Opera House boasts an auditorium, theater, art center, cultural markets, landscaped gardens, and a capacity of over 1,000 people. The complex’s construction commenced in 2001 under the orders of Sultan Qaboos, who was a major fanatic of art and cultural music. A decade later, the house was officially open.

Yiti Beach. At approximately 28 kilometers from the city center, the Yiti Beach is a secluded yet beautiful spot. Being one of the country’s lesser-known beaches, the place is ideal for small parties or couples looking for a bit of privacy. The clear waters and soft sand present plenty of activity opportunities for visitors. You can go swimming, fishing, camping, or plan a day-long picnic, lazing under the sun.

Although Muscat has only recently emerged as a tourist destination, people are quickly appreciating the wide range of attractions the city has to offer. With Tripety’s travel planner app, planning a vacation is as easy as one, two, three.

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