Kafue National Park

Kafue National Park is one of the biggest wildlife parks in Africa and the biggest reserve in Zambia. It has an area of about 22000 square kilometers. The top of the park is separated by the highway and the Northern section of the park is separated by small and big rivers. Large sections of Kalahari wood make southern Kafue a home for populations of plains game such as the concentration of elephants. Tripety travelers enjoy this place all year round.

Wildlife and very rare birds are concentrated in this park. When Tripety travelers go safari, they take a lot of photos from different places in this park. Walk safari is the best variant for winter. It is better to have a walk in the boat on the Kaufe river in summer when it rains. 

The well-known highway M9, also known as Mongu Road makes the way to the North easier. Also, Tripety travelers may plan their way to  Kafue’s main gate, Hook Bridge, and they reach in a four-hour drive from Lusaka by Mongu Road as well. The majority of the park with its roads is supposed to drive only 4×4 vehicles.  

Tripety business planner will help you to find the best accommodation according to your budget. Also, pay particular attention to the summer lodges and camps – they are closed in summer because of the heavy rains.

  • It covers 22.400 square kilometers in Western Zambia.
  • The park was named after the 250 kilometers long Kafue River which flows through the park.
  • Wildlife spotting opportunities: cheetah, wild dog, hippos and some of the largest crocodiles in South Africa can be seen here.
  • The Busuanga Plains are home to one of the few known breeding sites for endangered wattle cranes.
  • Unique for: being one of the best places in Africa to find leopards.

Kafue National Park is home to teak forests, baobab trees, fig-trees, date palms, and a huge number of boulders. The plains on the south side of the park are covered with lush vegetation of the miombo forests, as well as the African steppe and fragrant plains. The beautiful plains of Busang, lush damos, ancient savannahs, emerald rivers Lunga, Kafue, Lufupa will seem astonishing to Tripety travelers. The Kafue River flows into the Itezhi-Tezhi dam. The area is surrounded by amazing grassy plains where hippos spend their time. Also, the plains will surprise you with extraordinary termite mounds that have a cone-like shape. Tripety travel app will make your trip easy. Tripety budget planner will care of your budget and will help you to save your money.

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