You think of Jerusalem, and, likely, images of religious places and a city full of conflict and history pop up in your head. 

However, those images could not be further from the truth. Modern-day Jerusalem is a buzzing city, ripe with people from different cultures and backgrounds. It has exciting surprises awaiting its visitors at every turn. For instance, Jerusalem’s city market is a nightlife hub, lined with beer bars, late-night restaurants, music, and poetry slams – far from the conservative environment people associate with the city.

If you plan on visiting Jerusalem and wish to know the full scope of tourist destinations you must visit, the Tripety travel itinerary planner has you covered. Not only can you learn about the best tourist spots and some fascinating facts about the city, but this travel app can even help you organize your expenses and stick to your budget.

  • The walled city of Jerusalem is about 3 miles long, 8 feet thick, and 40 feet high.
  • The city houses more than 60 museums.
  • Despite its reputation for being ‘ancient,’ Jerusalem is rapidly expanding as a tech-hub.
  • Jerusalem is home to olive trees some of which are more than eight centuries old. 
  • The Hadassah hospital in Jerusalem was the first in the world to have performed a Computer-guided hip replacement procedure. 
  • With over 25,000 marchers, Jerusalem’s Pride Parade is the second largest throughout Israel. 
  • Jerusalem brags of nearly 2,000 gardens and public parks – so much for being a desert.
  • The King David Hotel in Jerusalem has hosted numerous notable guests, including Winston Churchill, Elizabeth Taylor, Hillary Clinton, Madonna and Prince Charles.
  • There are over 300 synagogues, 50 churches, and 33 mosques in Jerusalem. 
  • When Neil Armstrong visited Jerusalem, he said, “I am more excited stepping on these stones than I was stepping on the moon.”

Israel Museum: This is the only spot throughout Israel where you will find both archaeological artifacts and arts. The archaeological wing has stunning exhibits from the early days of settlements in the city, right down to the days of the Roman Empire. If you are more artistic, the art wing will leave you mesmerized with works from Israeli greats, as well as other masters like Van Gogh, Gauguin, and Renoir. 

Mount of Olives: This place is particularly attractive to pilgrims and religious devotees. However, that does not mean that non-devout cannot appreciate the Old City’s spectacular panoramas. It is believed that this hill is the place where people will start waking up on the dead, on Judgment Day. Christians believe that this is the point of Jesus’ ascension and subsequent resurrection. 

Wailing Wall: This is the only surviving wall from the Jewish First Temple. It is called the Wailing Wall because this is where people mourn the loss of the temple, which came about in 70 AD. Today, it is considered to be the holiest point in Jerusalem, and the place of pilgrimage for Jews ever since the time of the Ottomans. 

Jerusalem is fast emerging as one of the top tourist attractions across the world. Use Tripety itinerary travel app to plan your perfect vacation without exceeding your budget.

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