Hammamet is the largest resort in the country. It attracts Tripety travelers with its beauty and sun. Hammamet is located 65 km far from the capital of the country – Tunisia. From one side, the city is surrounded by orange, lemon and pomegranate groves, from another side – the city is washed by the Mediterranean Sea.

The green plantations of orange and olive trees that surround Hammamet have given it the name “city of gardens”.

Hammamet is the most visited place by tourists, that is why you may see a lot of hotels in this town. It is a cozy town. First of all, it is known for its thermal springs combined with a mild, favorable climate. One of the main attractions of the city is the old part, Medina (15th century). There is a lovely view ща the town from the Kasbah signal tower. You will be able to view the whole town and surroundings. There are many cafes and fish restaurants around the old square. There are hotels to the north and south of Medina. You may find the best accommodation with a Tripety business travel planner.

The coast is a single tourist complex: hotels, nightclubs, discos, restaurants, bars, cafes, pizzerias, snack bars, souvenir shops, a water park. Thalassotherapy centers offer wellness treatments that are so popular among tourists from all over the world. There is a beautiful Phrygia Zoo. It was built similar to other parks and zoos in South Africa. Tripety travelers may watch the life of predators and other animals of the rich African fauna from the passages over the open-air cages.

TOP interesting places you may visit in Hammamet:

  • Medina
  • Archaeological remains of Pupput
  • Hammamet Cultural Centre (Villa Sebastian)
  • Kasbah
  • Nabeul
  • The Punic Ruins of Kerkouane
  • Korbous
  • The city’s beaches
  • Kelibia


Ruins of Pupput. Pupput was built in the 1st century BC. Once a developed city was completely destroyed during a pirate attack in 1303. As a result, almost nothing remained of Pupput. There were only ruins.  The new city of Hammamet was built around them. Now it is one of the most popular tourist sites in the city. Absolutely all vacationers consider it their duty to look at the ruins.

Fortress Ribat (Kasbah). One of the most popular sights of Hammamet in Tunisia is the fortress, which once served as a defensive function. The fortress was repeatedly attacked, its walls were partially destroyed. But it was always restored, and it was reconstructed more than once.

Villa Georg Sebastian. This magnificent house was built by a European settler who settled in Tunisia in 1920. After the first owner died, a big number of owners changed the house, but in the end, the city administration became the owner of the villa. The villa has an unusual, unique architecture. Nowadays, it is a great place for lazy walks in the garden, for a calm and secluded relaxation far from the noisy city streets. There is an amphitheater next to the house, which often serves as a venue for major concert events. Famos artists come here, and the villa becomes one of the noisiest places in the city. Plan your trip with the Tripety travel planner app and visit unforgettable festivals.

Olive Mosque. The construction of the Mosque dates back to the 13th century. Legend says the Mosque was built on the place where a centuries-old olive tree grew. This sacred site is currently the main religious site of the city. There are spiritual schools near the Mosque, where children begin to study the Koran from an early age. Only Muslims can visit the prayer hall.

National Museum. The private museum of national Tunisian clothing receives a lot of tourists every day. The main exhibits of the museum are traditional wedding dresses. During the wedding ceremony, the bride changes her wedding dress seven times. Each outfit has a specific meaning. In the museum, you can also see the wedding ceremony as well. You can see all the sights on your own, that is why it is better to rent a car with the help of the Tripety travel planner. You will be able to see the country from a completely different side and to discover new travel horizons. Make your trip unforgettable with the best travel planner Tripety.

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