Imagine a beautiful city sitting on a cliff and stepping down to a sandy shore. This is Haifa, the land of harmony where Arabs and Jews live together. Unlike many industry-oriented cities, Haifa’s setting is more close to nature and gives its visitors an iconic sight. 

The city’s main attraction is the Bahai Gardens that reflect sunlight from its trees’ tip to the city below. If you are here to enjoy a mix of nature with beaches, you will love it in Haifa. The city has multiple tourist attractions to offer and a never-ending list of adventures. Just make sure you have a travel itinerary planner like the Tripety travel planner app to keep a check on the places you visit.

  • Haifa is pretty famous for its startups but what people don’t know is that this city is also a hub for hipsters. You will see musicians at every curb decorating the city with their melodies. 
  • It is the place for the oldest man in the world who lived for more than 112 years. Israel Kristal was born on 05 September 1905 and died in 2018. This goes to show that the living standards and the quality of air in Haifa is energizing. 
  • Haifa has a German colony located at Ben Gurion Boulevard, the center of culture and tourism. This colony dates back to 1868; it was established by German Templars. 
  • This city has a reputation for welcoming art and culture with open arms. You can see that in the Tikotin Museum of Japanese art. 
  • Despite being a technology-driven city, Haifa is surrounded by beautiful beaches with crystal-like white sand flowing into the ocean. 
  • Not only beaches but the city is also a spot for serious surfers. The best time to ride the waves is when winter is nearby. Ariel Samin is a surfer from this city who is a possible contender for the Olympics in Japan.

Bahai Garden. The breath-taking hilltop garden situated on the hills of Haifa is a sight to behold. The magnificent plantation gives an overhead view of the city down below. Also, it houses the shrine of Iranian Mirza Ali Muhammad, who claims to be Bab (Gateway to God). This magnificent terrace garden is a tranquility place, and UNESCO has declared it a world heritage site. 

Stella Maris Carmelite Monastery. The stunning marble decorated Monastery in Haifa is one of the most visited tourist locations. It also holds religious values for Muslims, Christians, and Jews. The serene environment inside the Monastery and sunlight reflecting from the marble floor is soothing for the soul and mind. The Monastery also houses the Prophet Isaiah and Ezekiel’s paintings, which can be exciting to see if you are a believer. 

Cable Car Adventure. Cable car is the best way to travel up the steep hill to Stella Maris Carmelite Monastery. This ride is a means of transportation and a panoramic view of Haifa’s skyline, making it the best photography point. Even if you are not interested in visiting the Monastery, the trip is sure to spike up your heart rate and kick in the adrenaline.

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