Giza Pyramids

A testament to a time when Egypt was the richest and largest empire in the world, The Giza Pyramids is an iconic site that people from across the world flock over to explore. This marvelous piece of architecture is surrounded by mystery and adventure, and a look inside is bound to leave visitors awe-struck. 

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  • This ancient structure stands tall at the height of 139m (456 ft), and is one of the oldest structures recorded in history, having been constructed some 5,000 years ago.
  • The great pyramid is constructed with over two million stone blocks with weights ranging from two to fifty tons. Since there was no machinery in that period, it remains a mystery as to how these stones were carried.
  • The pyramids represent the realm of the dead, that is why they were built at an ideal location near the west bank of river Nile where the sun sets.
  • In earlier days, the great pyramids of Giza would reflect sunlight because of their white limestone casting cover. With time, the castings have worn off, but the pyramid still reflects a little. 
  • This divine structure is constructed in such an advanced way that the temperature on the inside remains at 20 degree Celsius regardless of the conditions outside.  
  • Inside the pyramid, you will find a granite coffer that is larger than the passageway you just squeezed through. Many researchers believe that the pyramid was built around the coffer for reasons we have yet to figure out.  
  • The pyramid is known to have a door on the inside that weighed a little over 20 tons but could easily be opened with a single push. This is yet another representation of the marvelous engineering of the Egyptians.

Viewpoint of Giza. Situated closest to the Menkaure’s Pyramid, this viewpoint allows spectators to capture all three pyramids in one view. 

Capture The Sphinx. The Sphinx is a monumental structure that holds great value in Egyptian mythology with its head of a human and the body of a lion with wings. It is recognized as a spiritual guardian by locals. You can visit the viewing platform that sits next to the Sphinx and take pictures.

The Pyramids of Khafre and Menkaure. These two pyramids are comparatively smaller and cheaper than the great pyramid. If you prefer less crowded areas, then this is the place for you. You can also find a good viewpoint near Menkaure because you would be closest to the small pyramids and at a reasonable distance from the big one. 

Visit The Valley Temple. Situated right next to the Sphinx, the valley temple is the place used for the mummification process of King Khafre. Going inside the temple can be a life-changing experience, as you witness the tombs of Pharaohs.

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