Garden Route

Garden Route is one of the most beautiful places on the coastline. Garden Route is popular with its giant trees, ferns, and bird life. Garden Route lies along the coastline with lovely forests, lakes, mountains, and rivers of an amber color. You will also have the opportunity to stay at the beach and enjoy this unforgettable atmosphere.

Tripety travelers who are artists and writers will also find inspiration staying in nature with wild rivers, animals. The very mild and comfortable climate will make you feel good during the trip.

You may rent a car and to travel to the nearest villages that are filled with its history and lovely nature with wild animals. There are old handmade bridges in the mountains that are around Garden Route. A business travel planner will help you to find the best accommodation for you staying there for some time. 

Do not forget to visit one of the most beautiful and important geological features are Cango Caves. They are located outside the city of Oudtshoorn. This place is one of the most visited places in South Africa by Tripety travelers.

  • The Garden Route is over 300km long, stretching along the southern coastline of South Africa, from Mossel Bay in the west to Storms River in the east.
  • It gets its name from the rich, green forests, flowering fynbos and abundant streams, rivers and waterfalls occurring here.
  • It’s easy to access from Cape Town and Port Elizabeth via the N2 highway.
  • An oceanic climate, with warm summers and cool winters makes it the mildest climate in South Africa and the second mildest in the world after Hawaii.
  • It is sandwiched between the Indian Ocean to the south and the Outeniqua and Tsitsikamma mountain ranges to the north.
  • 6. The Outeniqua and Tsitsikamma indigenous forests are a unique mixture of Cape Fynbos and temperate forest, and are home to some 300 bird species, including Knysna Loeries, Narina Trogons, Olive Thrushes, Chorister Robins, Cape Robins and Starred Robins.
  • The area is home to a number of large mammal species including bushpig, bushbuck, blue duiker, baboon, vervet monkeys,  reedbuck, leopards and caracals.
  • The Garden Route is part of the Fynbos Biome, containing a minimum of 45,000 different species of plant of which over 69% are endemic to this region and found nowhere else on earth.
  • The best times to visit are between October and March.
  • The Garden Route is one of UNESCO’s World Network of Biosphere Reserves.

Mossel Bay. Mossel Bay is one of the best beach towns in the country, thanks to its temperate climate and comfortable sandy beaches. One of the main attractions is Diving with the White Shark in a specially protected cage and cruises to Seal Island.

George. The city is the capital of the Garden Route, and all transport and railway interchanges pass through it. George Airport serves flights to all major cities in the country – Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban.

The city is located in the Outeniqua mountains, shrouded in pine forests and glades of white African lilies. The largest sawmill is located here. The processed wood is sent to all regions of the country for furniture manufacture and building materials.

The main attraction of George is the Transportation Museum. It contains old steam locomotives, cars, carriages and some of them are from the late 17th century. The oldest steam locomotive Chu-Chu departs from George Station to Knysna. It passes through forests, beaches and mountain passes. You will be able to see breathtaking landscapes of wildlife and endless ocean.

Knysna. Knysna is famous for the largest sea bay that is guarded by two cliffs – Knysna Heads. There is an observation deck on the “East Head” with stunning views of the lagoon and ocean. It is almost impossible to get to the “Western Head” because part of the territory is a Nature Reserve. But if you wish, you can take a quad bike tour with a local guide and get acquainted with the flora and fauna.

Around the Knysna lagoon, there are neat houses and villas, whose owners spend most of their time fishing and yachting. Oysters are grown in the Knysna Lagoon as well. 

The city is surrounded by dense forests. The last representatives of the world’s largest elephants live here. Nurseries have been created around the city where you can see elephants at arm’s length, feed, ride a horse and even stay in a hotel room that is located in their rookery overnight.

Plettenberg Bay. The building of the town began as a summer cottage settlement for millionaires. The richest people in the country live here. Today the village has become a beautiful beach town, where you can stay for a week vacation with your family. Every day you may enjoy your favorite sports hobbies or lazy rest on the shore under the hot sun. From August to November, whales come here. You may watch them through the hotel window or go in for a 2-hour cruise. The underwater world of this region is popular for scuba diving, diving with seals and Great White Sharks.

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