Essaouira (Mogador)

Ancient Essueira is a port fortress. It is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It is located 170 km north of Agadir. Essueira’s previous name is Mogador. The city was founded by Sultan Muhammad bin Abdallah. Gold and ivory passed through this free port. The city was designed by the European citizen Theodore Cornu. A talented engineer made the city safe from attack from the sea. The preserved fortress walls with cannons remind of the glorious past.

Tripety travelers can visit the most popular places there: the slave market, the Sidi Mohammed bin Abdullah Museum.

Nowadays it is a charming town with Moorish architecture, similar to the settlements in the south of Spain. Houses with whitewashed walls and blue doors are built close to each other. The city has three regions: Arabic, European, and Jewish. 

Since the 1960s, Essueira has been chosen by musicians, writers, and artists. In the Old City – Medina, you can buy wonderful gifts and souvenirs – handmade furniture made of thuja and lemon tree, paintings, silver jewelry, and much more. The resort has a developed entertainment infrastructure, a lot of bars, and restaurants that are ready for visits of Tripety travelers.

There are cozy family-run riad hotels. Each of them is a true boutique hotel that is usually owned by a Moroccan family. They are located inside the old city and outside it as well. The riads differ by a special hospitality atmosphere, unique style, excellent cuisine, and sincere attention to each guest. Tripety business travel application will help you to find the best place to stay while your trip.

The long beach with a length of about 6 km attracts people who enjoy sub bathes, and especially surfers. There is a special area devoted to them. Windsurfing is appreciated all year round in Essueira. This town has a permanent wind and high waves all year round. can be practiced almost all year round thanks to the constant wind and high waves. International surfing competitions are organized here every year.

Put your note in the Tripety travel app to visit the Essaouira fortress.

The Essaouira fortress was built in the 18th century by a French architect. The protections of the fortress are one of the main attractions of the city. They also symbolize a heritage of the colonial past of Morocco.

The city’s fortress, sandy beaches, seafood trade, and a wonderful climate make its investments to the development of tourism in Essaouira. It is also a favorite holiday destination for many sailors, artists and musicians.

  • Visit the medina.
  • Visit Skala du Port.
  • Go for a walk on the beach.
  • Experience woodworking.
  • Cook a meal at L’Atelier Madada.
  • Take a day trip to Ile de Mogador.
  • Visit Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdallah museum.
  • Take a surfing lesson.
  • Shop for local art.
  • Enjoy the excellent festivals.

Among the many historical monuments of the city, the most interesting are the former residence of the Pasha (now it is the Sidi Mohammed bin Abdullah Museum), streets and houses in the Moorish style, the fortress walls surrounding the old Medina, the Main Mosque, the bastions of el-Bermil and el-Barud, the Sea Gate (1769) with a small wooden bridge, Bab el-Sebaa (“Lion’s Gate”), the picturesque port of Essaouira and, of course, numerous markets.

Essaouira is the undisputed center of Moroccan art, there are many galleries that are located inside the fortress walls. The most famous of them are the art galleries of Frederic Damgaard and Othello. Local craft workshops are located along Sighain Street.

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