The southernmost Israeli city of Eilat is just made for tourism. It is fast becoming the go-to place for visitors, thanks to its steady temperatures, luxurious beaches, no VAT, and easy accessibility from the UK and Europe. You can laze away at the beaches and resorts during the day, while the vibrant nightlife involves visiting shopping centers or partying at any of the numerous clubs, discos, or bars.

Eilat has a plethora of tourist destinations that you need to know about before getting on a plane. To learn everything of interest about the city, use the Tripety travel itinerary planner app.

  • Eilat does not stamp travelers’ passports. Instead, every visitor is given a tourist card which must be kept safe and handy during the stay.
  • Crimes in Eilat are close to nonexistent. Tourists can safely enjoy the city’s promising nightlife.
  • Eilat, just like the rest of Israel, has drinkable tap water. However, you can also easily purchase bottled water.
  • You can enjoy free WiFi throughout the city – a treat for Instagramming travelers.
  • Since Eilat is VAT-free, your shopping spree will cost 17% less than it would anywhere else across Israel.

Underwater Observatory Marine Park. If you love exploring the underwater world but hate getting wet, this place solves the problem. The observatory is one of Eilat’s premier tourist attractions for people who wish to learn about the colors and beauty of life below the surface. The stairs from the tower observatory take you six meters under the surface, allowing you to dive into the Red Sea’s underwater universe. The onshore aquarium also provides an excellent opportunity to observe a plethora of Red Sea turtles, fishes, and sharks. The more adventurous vacationers can go for the glass-bottomed boat trip to scout the nautical treasures that lie farther afield.

Ice Space. You might never get a chance to experience the Arctic’s freezing temperature, but this wacky tourist spot brings you pretty close. With temperatures falling to a consistent -7 degrees Celsius (-19.4 degrees Fahrenheit), you get to stroll through a maze of ice sculpts. If you feel that the desert heat is getting too hot to handle, the Ice Space will prove to be a heavenly change.

Beaches. A vacation to a beach resort is obviously incomplete until you loll on its golden sands. Eilat’s most popular beaches are close to the shore, with Coral Beach being top of the list. For a bit of quiet and tranquility, you can turn to the Village Beach or the Palm Beach, both accompanied by some excellent restaurants and cafes. Every beach allows you to rent sunshades or loungers, along with a range of other facilities required for the perfect beach experience.

A couple of weeks of beaches, underwater exploration, and quality shopping is the perfect antidote to a stressed mind and body. Start planning a refreshing trip to the Red Sea resort, with Tripety’s travel planner app.  

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