Drakensberg is the biggest ring in South Africa. These mountains have an area about 20000 square meters and take an easternmost portion of the Great Escarpment. Some people call them Misty Mountains and some people call them Dragon Mountains. This special place has more than 35 000 kinds of San rock paintings and a lot of rare and protected animals and plants. Tripety travelers saw a lot of mountains in South Africa, but KwaZulu-Natal’s 200km long uKhahlamba-Drakensberg escarpment is supposed to be the most bright-impression place. 

Drakensberg is inhabited by a wide range of wild animals. If you like birds, it will be unforgettable to see very rare kinds of birds that live in this place. You will also have the opportunity to take a photo with them and upload them to your Tripety blog

This place will attract you with some beautiful streams and rivers. There are some rare frogs and other water animals that will give you unforgettable impressions of nature. 

Tripety will help you to organize the tour on kayaks, all-road cars, and riding the horse. Also, you may go fishing with your friends or just have a little camping.

What are you going to put on the first place in your world travel planner?

  • Drakensberg is a 200km long mountain range with the tallest peak at 3,500m, the highest in Southern Africa.
  • Between 35,000 and 40,000 bushman rock paintings can be found here.
  • 48 species of mammals have been recorded here including black-backed-jackals, leopards, and caracals.
  •  The foothills of the mountains lie below 2 000 meters and consist largely of undulating grassy slopes, valleys, and gorges, cut by numerous cold mountain streams and rivers.
  • The pinnacles and crags provide a home for numerous raptors, including black eagles, Cape vultures and the rare Lammergeyer or bearded vultures.
  • There is the Amphitheater massif with the second-highest waterfall in the world Tugela (948 m) in the Royal Natal National Park. The beauty of the landscapes is enhanced by the background – the top of the Mont-aux-Sources. There is also the Santa Lucia reserve on the territory of Royal Natal with the oldest lake of the same name and picturesque single peaks: Devil’s Tooth, Eastern Buttress and Sentinel. This park has a more than developed tourist infrastructure and it should be visited as one of the first parks by Tripety travelers.
  • The national park Golden Gate Highlands National Park or “Golden Gate”, is located in the north of South Africa, on the border of the Drakensberg Mountains and Massif Uti. This place is suggested to visit at sunset: it is lovely to see when the rays of the setting sun touch the peaks with golden light.
  • The reserve “Giant Castle” (part of Ukhahlamba-Drakensberg Park) attracts tourists with views and trails of the Giant Castle. This place will definitely appeal to climbers, Tripety travelers who enjoy ecotourism, mountain fishing and rock art.

The most attractive and interesting areas are located in the province of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. It is located 4 hours from Johannesburg or 3 from Durban. You will have the opportunity to rent a car and visit all the places of interest. It will be impossible to travel without a 4×4 car along the alpine paths. The safest way to see natural beauty is by hiking.

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