Douz is a small and calm town located very close to the Sahara Desert. Douz is often called “the gates of the desert”. The Great South begins from this place. Also, it is a start for an extreme African safari. 

There is Djema, the capital of Tunisia, close to Douz. It supplies the whole European continent with sweet dates. There are about  800 thousand date palms grown in Duse itself. It is because of the warm tropical climate there. 

About three decades ago, the government realized that it makes sense to develop not only the tourist opportunities but it is important to develop exotic expeditions across the Sahara. That is why you can see a lot of quality hotels being built there now. 

You may also include in the Tripety travel plan to visit the El Hofra area. The Sahara presents serious challenges to journalists and photographers – the interaction of sand with photo and video devices. The smallest particles of sand are everywhere, so they can damage some small mechanisms of the devices. 

There is a vibrant Sahara festival in Douz in November-December. Various parades are held here without stopping for three days. They include demonstrations of crafts, sports competitions, spectacular camel races, concerts of folklore and folk dances. All the festival’s events are free to visit. There are more than 50,000 tourists come here every year and Tripety travelers are among them. 

You may plan your budget with Tripety visiting the traditional bazaar that starts in Douz on Thursdays. Of course, the main product is the fruits of date trees of all sizes, colors and tastes. Their trade is not just an exchange of goods for money, but a meticulous process that requires a high concentration of attention. It is some kind of show or custom that has developed over the centuries.

  • It was the intersection of the caravan routes.
  • It is located in one of the largest oases in Tunisia
  • The city is famous as the largest supplier of Tunisian dates and a popular tourist destination.
  • Douz has an unforgettable Sahara festival.
  • Do not forget about the cap/hat when you are in Douz as it is a very hot city.
  • The city is supposed to be the Gate to Sahara. 

A trip to Douz will give you the opportunity to see a huge number of stunningly beautiful photographs.

Of course, the main attraction of Douz is the endless hot desert. Fans of extreme sports are provided with all kinds of excursions for all kinds of preferences – from hour-long walks to week-long tours to the desert by all-road cars, ATVs, or walk as a part of camel caravans. Using the services of guides, you will be able to take a walk to the Roman fort of Tisavar or the sacred Mount Tembain.

Also, it will be interesting to visit the Sahara Museum, which stores sand from different parts of the desert, artfully made wardrobe trunks images, samples of wool from different breeds of camels. While excursions in the museum, Tripety travelers can listen to fascinating lectures about carpet weaving, camels, their branding and about long walks in the desert.

When you are in Douz, you should definitely go to the date plantation. Tripety travelers will be offered to taste different kinds of dates, and also to take part in the collection, sorting and packaging of some fruits. 

Tripety travel application will help you to plan and organize your unforgettable trip.

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