Chamarel is a mountain village with its colorful sand dunes. This lovely place is one of the main attractions of the island for Tripety travelers. The natural landscapes of Seven Colored Earth were created by natural chemical processes and climatic conditions. The cooling of volcanic rocks painted the earth to all colors of the rainbow.

The mineral-rich colored piles of the earth have absolutely clear boundaries: red, purple, green, brown and yellow layers. The sands are not mixed, despite heavy rains, heat and strong gusty winds. So this is the main mystery of the landscapes that are similar to lunar landscapes.

The colorful earth of Chamarel has been protected for more than half a century. Rainbow sand dunes were discovered here in the mid-60s of the last century when the top layer was washed away by rains. This place belongs to Bel Ombre Sugar Estate, whose office is located in the village also.

The best time to walk around the Chamarel village for Tripety travelers is early morning. You will be able to see the multi-colored layers of the land which look especially impressive at that time. But be careful: you can only admire the bizarre natural landscapes of the village from the hiking trails. It is prohibited to walk through the multicolored sand dunes. Also, it is prohibited to take some sand with you without permission. However, Tripety travelers may buy some souvenir test tubes filled with colored earth in the village shop. The earth inside the flasks does not mix. When you shake the test tube, the sand will be separated into seven colors in a while. 

A visit to the Chamarel village is paid. Please, plan your budget beforehand with the Tripety business travel app.

Plan your trip with the Tripety travel app, so you will be able to find the best way to get to Chamarel. The best way, of course, to get Mauritius is to rent a car. The trip will take less than half an hour.

Mauritius International Airport is located 70 km east of the village. You may buy your tickets via the Tripety business travel app.

Chamarel is located in the southwest of Mauritius. The closest large town to the village of Chamarel is Chemin Grenier that is 25 km to the south.

  • The main secret of the multi-colored sands of Chamarel is their ability not to mix with each other and always separate into colored layers.
  • The phenomenon of the “land of seven colors” is that, despite the effects of heat, wind and rain, the fancy colored patterns on the sands of Chamarel are not destroyed.
  • Now dunes made of colored sand are the main attraction not only of Chamarel, but of the whole of Mauritius.
  • Best time to visit Chamarel Seven Colored Lands Park – sunrise.
  • The Mauritian flying foxes are the last remaining endemic mammals on the island.
  • Sugarcane, tea, corn, potatoes and bananas are the main agricultural products in Mauritius

The sand dunes that spread out here really amaze the imagination – red, yellow, purple, green color. Many people, who see these places for the first time, initially mistake colors for volumetric shadows. It is striking that the “color boundaries” of the sands are very clear. They do not mix with each other, but lie in even layers, despite strong and prolonged torrential rains, gusty winds and very intense heat.

The secret of the colored sands is in the chemical processes and climatic conditions that have taken place in these places for a long time. The island of Mauritius is rich in volcanic rocks, and their gradual cooling has painted the Chamarel land in such bright bizarre colors. It is true that geologists and other researchers never fully solved the mystery of the origin of the Valley of Seven Flowers.

The best time to walk around these marvelous places is sunrise. The rising luminary gives an indescribable atmosphere, and the multi-colored sands are especially good at this time. At dawn the landscape changes here every minute, thanks to the play of light and shadow on the sands in the rays of the rising sun. In addition, in the morning it is not as hot as during the day, and there are fewer tourists.

Tripety travelers always bring a lot of pictures from this amazing place and share their impressions with other travelers in the Tripety blog.

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