Bastakiya (Old Dubai)

Al Bastakiya is a historical place. It was built many years ago to preserve the memories of the time of the formation of the federation of the Emirates. This area was expected to be destroyed, but British architect Rayner Otter around 1890s helped to renew this region so it had an extensive renovation process.

This town was built by immigrants from Bastak (a portion of earlier Persia). Baskatia has about sixty housing units, separated by thin and elongated lanes. This unique landscape has its age-old attractions like Dar Al Nadwa, Gallery Majlis, XVA Hotel, and Make Art Café. You can visit these special places panning everything beforehand with Tripety planner

Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood (Al Bastakiya) has saved its traditional lifestyle and culture as well. 

Many buildings in Bastakiya have tall towers (Barjeel). They were built with the help of traditional local materials such as impenetrable stones, teak, sandalwood, fronds, gypsum, and palm wood. 

Bastakiya is located at Dubai Creek (Khor Dubai).This district is a centre for organizing all business relations to other close countries. Travel planner will help tourists to visit such popular places as Arabian Tea House Café, Coffee Museum, the popular Shaikh Muhammad Centre for Cultural Understanding, and others. 

Google travel planner will help you to get to  Al Bastakiya very fast. It is located just 8.2 km from the Dubai International Airport. You may take a taxi or just use public transport. But the best way to reach the destination is to go by a metro. The nearest metro station is Al Fahidi. And you will spend just less time walking from there. 

This place has free entry for all. But only certain attractions require some cost for an entry ticket.

The best time to visit Bastakiya is from November to March.

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  • Dubai was under the control of the Sassanid Empire until the 7th century.
  • Dubai got independence from Abu Dhabi in 1833.
  • The discovery of oil was a major milestone in the history of Dubai.
  • Dubai has veto power for matters of national significance.
  • Islam is the official religion.
  • Dubai is not the capital of the UAE.
  • There is NO income tax.
  • Dubai has a crime rate of almost zero.
  • Fuel is cheaper than water in Dubai.
  • Dubai literally means “money”.
  • The longest automated metro system in the world is found in Dubai.
  • Dubai has the largest airport terminal in the world

It is better to start a walk in Bastakia from the walls of the Sheikh Mohammed Cultural Center in one of the most elegant buildings in the area of the courtyard with beautiful trees and decorative lattices. Then you should walk near the Bastakiah Nights restaurant located in the same old building, go to the modern white mosque and the last surviving section of the old city wall (approximately 1800), and then past several art galleries (XVA, Ave Gallery, Majlis Gallery and others) to get to the Al-Fahidi fort (Al Fahidi, 1787-1887), which is a city museum (Dubai Museum) now. The museum is small, so the main exposition is located in the underground part of the fort, and in the courtyard there is a fishing boat “dhow”, a traditional boat for this region. By the way, the Sheikh Mohammed Cultural Center also organizes excursions to the Jumeirah Mosque, the only religious building in the emirate. Mon-Muslims are allowed to enter this building also.

Tripety travelers will be able to visit a Coffee Museum in Bastakia, the city’s first office building, Bait Al Wakeel, and the beautifully restored Heritage House. At night, the area is very effectively illuminated, often various festivals and open-air celebrations are held here, and numerous restaurants and cafes traditionally attract the attention of tourists. And only here you can see in its original form the Dubai “wind towers” (barjeels) – traditional air conditioners, with the help of their simple design, they cool the air in the house in a natural way very effectively. These architectural structures have come from southern Iran, which illustrates the history of Bastakiya. By the way, many local people and organizations occupying the old houses let tourists come in not only inside, where you can see the characteristic interiors, but also go up the traditionally flat roofs, where Tripety travelers will see a beautiful view of Dubai Creek. It is very beautifu,l especially in the evening. 

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