A small town with the “powerful” name of Asilah attracts more and more attention to Tripety travelers thanks to close location to  Europe and to the annual International Cultural Festival in August.

The place for Assilah was not chosen by chance. During the long history of Asilah, many peoples have visited this area and each of them brought something of their own into its “melting pot”. The city was founded by the Carthaginians. They named it Zilis. It makes Asilah one of the first settlements on Moroccan land who have come down to us.

  Asilah was controlled by the Romans when the Carthaginians defeated the Punic Wars. In the beginning of the XV century, it was the main sea gateway for traders from Fez. But later it was occupied by the Portuguese with the majority of other ports along the Moroccan Atlantic coast. These Portuguese build the medina which we can visit nowadays with the Tripety business travel planner

On the right from the main entrance, there is the Hassan II International Meeting Center. August Festival of Culture takes place here for several decades. At this event musicians and artists from all over the world present their art to the public. There is horse racing on the final days of this festival.  Every year, there are more and more artists and tourists who come here. Thanks to these artists we can see a repair of the infrastructure and restoration of the new buildings. After the festival, the atmosphere of bohemianism does not disappear: galleries are open with their exposition.

Asilah looks like a small town on some unknown Greek island: white house wall, blue shutters, sea views and there is not anybody around. 

The southwestern bastion of the citadel has the best views of the city. In the evenings there are many people who come here to see the huge red sun behind the horizon.

Suggestion for Tripety Travelers: you can see cromlech M’Sura 25 km from the city. It is believed that these powerful monoliths (height is 6 meters) are dated to Phoenician times. 

  • Street Art: Just wander around the old Medina and look for beautiful Murals on the walls of the city.
  • Arts Festival: The Centre de Hassan II Rencontres Internationales is the primary focus of the annual Asilah international arts festival. An array of international artists, musicians, performers, and spectators head for Asilah for one of Morocco’s most famous cultural events. Year-round you can enjoy the beautiful art displays here.
  • Admire the Ramparts: A rampart is a stone wall surrounding a city that has a walkway along the top. Tripety travelers can watch the horizon from behind a fortification or barrier. 
  • Learn the Name of your Favorite Rampart Gate or Tower: Bab Al Kasaba the main gate to Asilah’s Medina, Bab Homar Portuguese coat of arms, Borj Al Qamra is the favorite tower.

This ancient city is rich with its sights. Tripety travelers note the following favorite places:

  • the famous Portuguese fortress El Camra;
  • the old medina that was built in white and blue tones. The entrance to the medina is through the main gate of the city;
  • the Rassouli palace which was built in the Moorish style. It is located on the site of the former Portuguese church;
  • the dam. You will be able to see the cannon bastions from it.

Every summer, the city hosts an international street art festival. Its participants transform the city walls, painting them with bright graffiti. With the help of the Tripety travel app, you will be able to book a sightseeing tour all over the city, a hike to the Rif Mountains or an exciting trip to interesting places.

Asilah is located on the shores of the Atlantic, so the local beaches are very popular for Tripety travelers. The most popular of them are the pebble beaches of Rmilate, Paradise Beach. There are also traditional water activities for vacationers.

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