Al Zubarah

Once a prosperous trading and pearl fishing port, Al Zubarah now stands proudly as Qatar’s largest heritage site. The place boasts a splendid city wall, ancient houses and residential palaces, mosques, industrial areas, and markets. Located on the shores of Northwestern Qatar, Al Zubarah is a throwback to the historic days of the Gulf States’ domination. 

In 2009, Al Zubarah was marked as a protected region. Over the last decade, teams of Qatari scientists and archaeologists have assessed the area. Through exploring and engaging with the locals, these scientists and archaeologists are trying to illuminate the events leading to this special site’s rise and subsequent fall.  

Buried underneath the sands of time, Al Zubarah has a variety of exciting stories to tell. To know more about the historic region, you can use our Tripety travel itinerary planner app.

  • The historic site has three key features, the largest being the town’s archaeological remains, dating as far back as the 1770s. 
  • The town is connected to the 18th-century, fortified settlement of Qal’at Murair.
  • Al Zubarah fort, constructed in 1938, is the site’s most recent and prominent feature.
  • As an acknowledgment of its preservation and historical importance, Al Zubarah Archaeological Site was inscribed into UNESCO’s World Heritage List in July 2013.

Al Zubarah Fort. The Zubarah fort is easily Qatar’s supreme desert fort, named after Al Zubarah’s archaeological town. 

The Utub Tribe’s Al-Khalifa clan – the current ruling party of Bahrain – has always been strongly connected to Al Zubarah. The family ruled the place for many years, and it is from Al Zubarah that they conquered Bahrain in 1783. Until recently, Bahrain had strongly challenged the Qatari control over the region.  

Sheikh Abdullah Bin Jassim Al Thani constructed the fort itself. He wanted the fort to replace the deserted Zubarah town and the dilapidated Qal’at Murair. Later, the fort was transformed into a police station/coast guard.

Currently, the Zubarah Fort is being used as a museum. The ground floor hosts a small exhibition regarding the fort and the surrounding area. Once you step outside the fort, you will see a couple of buildings. One of these is used to conduct a similar historical exhibition, while the second building is a gift shop. 

The fort is beautiful and remarkably well-preserved, even though it can be said that it is not that old. From Doha, a drive to the fort will take approximately an hour, which, as you will find out, is a worthwhile trip. 

Ever since Al Zubarahs’ Archaeological Site made its way into UNESCO’s World Heritage Site list, flocks of tourists have been visiting the region. If you want to explore Qatari town’s ancient treasures, start planning your trip with Tripety’s travel planner app.

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