You will be able to feel the pulse of Arabia and understand a sense of the deep histories and cultural strands that inform Jordan as a whole. It will be unforgettable to walk through the streets that weave through the hectic center of the capital. You will see the mosaic of frenetic souks and echoing mosque minarets that make up the famous area of Balad.

You can go to Abdali. This place is popular with its leafy boulevards giving way to chic cafes and high-street boutiques.

You can also visit such places as that colossal Roman Theatre; the occasional remains of Ammonite fortifications; the medley of mosques and churches and palisades that make up the Jabal al-Qal’a citadel and many others. You can plan to visit all these places with the Tripety planner

  • Amman has had several names, including Rabbath Ammon during the 13th century and Philadelphia under a Macedonian ruler of Egypt.
  • It is twinned with over thirty cities throughout the world, including Moscow, Beijing and Miami.
  • Amman exhibits extreme examples of microclimate, where neighborhoods or certain areas can experience several different weather than other areas neighborhoods.
  • In 2011, a study done by the General Association of Public Services and Entrepreneurial Professions showed that at least 3% of the employees working in nightclubs were women.
  • Amman was referred to as the ‘new Beirut’ in 2010 and considered one of the most westernized cities in the Middle East.
  • MasterCard ranked Amman the 8th most visited city by tourists in the Middle East and Africa.
  • Because of the high-quality healthcare services in Amman and Jordan as a whole, it has become one of the most popular medical tourism destinations in the world.
  • The city’s high altitude above sea level makes its winters one of the coldest in any major city in southeast Europe and the surrounding countries.
  • Originally built on seven hills, Amman now spreads over an area of 19 hills.
  • It has five UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
  • The national dish is called mansaf

You can learn many interesting facts about the life of the first settlers and see valuable artifacts during an excursion to the Archaeological Museum. The most striking monument of the era of the Byzantine Empire is the Governor’s Palace. This luxurious pompous building can also be found in the old part of the city. Modern districts are called “western Amman”, here Tripety traveler should visit the market square, which often hosts fairs and interesting performances. There are several restaurants, interesting shops and souvenir shops, this is one of the best places for an evening stroll.

In Amman, you can see several beautiful mosques, one of the most beautiful is the King Abdullah Mosque. This mosque was built in 1989, it amazes with its impressive scale, up to 10,000 believers can be accommodated within the walls of this mosque at a time. There are two museums on the territory of the mosque – the Royal Museum and the Museum of Islam. The King Abdullah Mosque is also popular with tourists due to the fact that it is the only mosque in the city that can be visited by adherents of absolutely any religion.

Fans of unusual attractions in Amman should definitely visit the Royal Automobile Museum. King Hussein was very fond of beautiful cars, he managed to collect their gorgeous collection, which absolutely everyone can admire today. More than 70 models of cars and motorcycles are presented in the museum; among the exhibits presented here there are also quite rare old models. Museum visitors will certainly be delighted by the fact that in some cars you can sit and take a picture as a souvenir.

Many interesting ancient sights are presented in the vicinity of the city; the necropolis of Ahl Al-Kakhaf deserves special attention. For local residents, it continues to be a sacred place, this necropolis was founded in ancient caves. Many interesting legends are associated with it; during archaeological research, many interesting artifacts were discovered in this necropolis.

Those who love natural attractions should definitely visit the Mujib Nature Reserve located in the immediate vicinity of the city. Tripety travel app will give you this opportunity easily.  The Mujib Nature Reserve was founded in 1987 and occupies the Wadi Mujib gorge and adjacent territories. More than 400 species of plants, including very rare ones, grow in this reserve. The reserve has become home to more than ten species of animals, and more than 150 species of birds live here.

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