Budget Traveling: Where to Stay in Malaysia?

Budget Traveling: Where to Stay in Malaysia?

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10 Dec, 2021 | 01:25

Are you planning a relaxing vacation on a low budget? Consider traveling to Malaysia—it’s beautiful, clean, and easy on the pocket. Malaysia offers you cheap traveling, delicious local cuisine, and very affordable places to stay.

Let’s look at some places under RM 250 you can stay in Malaysia.

Bukit Gambang: Theme Park and Resort

The resort is enclosed by the surrounding mountains of Bukit Gambang and is very close to Kuantan. The park offers multiple attractions to tourists. It has a Safari Park which you can explore on your foot or via tram. The Safari also hosts the only White Lion in Malaysia. The resort also has a water park!

Melaka: Theme Park and Resort

The four-star Bayou Lagoon Park is located just 20 minutes away from Melaka City. The resort is close to Melaka World Heritage Town, which is a major tourist attraction. The park offers great recreational amenities like video games, 9D rides, and an art museum.

a tourist spot in Malaysia

Morib: Water Them Park and Resort

The Morib resort expands over 14 acres, located on the picturesque Morib beach. The water theme park has a jacuzzi and many other amenities for tourists visiting during the summer. During the evening, you can go to their beach-view restaurant and bar called “The Pier.”

Castle Theme Resort in Langkawi

The castle-themed resort in Langkawi offers a Disney-like castle that takes you to your dreamland. The resort offers cheap accommodation for both singles and couples. You can indulge in your favorite water sports like kayaking and diving, or you can enjoy the resort’s relaxing massages and spa.

Johor Eco-Trail

Johor offers family rooms for as low as $30/night. If you buy a room package with Eco-tour, it comes with a Kulim Eco-trail and outdoor adventures like bird watching, obstacle cycling, stand-up paddling, and much more. The resort plans your itinerary and saves you the hassle.


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