All the Travel Information You Need About India

All the Travel Information You Need About India

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20 Dec, 2021 | 09:00

What comes to your mind when you think about India? Do you hear the temple bells ring? Can you taste the spices and fresh flavors on your tongue? Do you see people dancing around wearing traditional clothes? India is all of this and a lot more! The country’s culture and food are what define it the most.

Beyond all this, the country also boasts of the most welcoming people, beautiful monuments, and breathtaking scenery. It’s the perfect country where you can Eat.Pray.Love and discover the intricacies of its rich culture and heritage. If you want to plan a trip to India, here’s all the information you’ll need to get started.


The acceptable currency across India is INR (Indian Rupee). India’s government has placed restrictions on bringing INR into the country as a tourist (only the residents can bring back up to INR 25,000). As a foreigner, you can take cash (foreign currency), travelers’ checks, or credit/debit cards.

Any amount that exceeds 5,000 USD in cash or 10,000 USD in travelers’ checks must be declared beforehand.

fifty Indian rupee note.


On top of the list is the COVID-19 vaccine, which is essential for travel to India. In addition to this, routine vaccines also include MMR, TDAP, Chickenpox, Shingles, Pneumonia, Influenza, and Meningitis.

For an added layer of safety, the WHO also recommends that you get vaccinated for Hepatitis A & B, Yellow Fever, Rabies, Polio, Cholera, Typhoid, and Japanese Encephalitis.

Passport & Visa

Your passport should have at least two blank pages, and it should be valid for six months from the visa application date. India also offers visas on arrival to Japan and South Korea (the facility has temporarily been suspended due to COVID restrictions) and for UAE nationals who’ve obtained the Indian visa before.

General Safety Tips

In addition to all of the mentioned details above, you should also bear in mind these additional safety tips during your trip to India:

  • Always be aware of your country’s consulates/embassies.
  • Get acquainted with local law
  • Find a trusted local who can help you prevent scams.
  • Keep your passport and other essential documents safely with you.
  • Avoid going during the Monsoon season.

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