A Culinary Vacation in France — A Guide to French Cuisine

A Culinary Vacation in France — A Guide to French Cuisine

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07 Feb, 2022 | 04:23

Have you found yourself in the magical land of cheese, crepes, macaroons, and of course, croissants? There’s so much to explore in France, but don’t even get us started on the quintessential cuisine the French carry on with, rather religiously too.

If you’re not sure where to start your food journey from, here’s a helpful guide to the meals you must have:

Beef Bourguignon

The all so famous Beef Bourguignon has humble beginnings: it was once considered a peasant’s meal consisting of a large piece of meat cooked on slow heat for two days to become rich in flavor. Head over to Burgundy, the birthplace of the dish, and enjoy this delicious beef stew.



Another must-have that originated with humble beginnings: bouillabaisse started as a fisherman’s stew made from leftover fish and fish scraps. It’s now a delicacy that is made in two parts. First, a broth is made out of small fish, onions, garlic, tomatoes, saffron, and olive oil, and in the next part, larger fish are added to the soup.

French cuisine

French cuisine



There’s no place in France you wouldn’t find a Charcuterie. It was invented as a way to preserve every part of the pig. This resulted in smoked, cured, brined, and potted meat like sausages, pates, air-dried ham, terrines, and more. However, the board can also be made with beef, poultry, and goose.



Cheese and France has a deep connection, with over 1,200 varieties of cheese available. Don’t forget to taste as much cheese as you can. Start with mild ones and finish with stronger ones. Some must-haves include Epoisses from Burgundy, Brie from Ile de France, Chevre from the Loire, and Camembert from Normandy.


Coq au Vin

This heartwarming chicken stew consists of braised chicken in red wine from Burgundy. There’s no coq au vin without authentic wine and a chef that knows what he’s cooking.


Croissants and Pastries

France is all about pastries and croissants. This delicacy is actually Viennese and it’s often called viennoiserie for that. That’s not all though, apart from the buttery croissants, you can indulge in pain au chocolat, pain aux raisins, Choquette, and brioche.


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