5 Things to Do in Italy

5 Things to Do in Italy

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25 Apr, 2022 | 11:35

Italy needs no introductions. It’s one of the most popular travel destinations in Europe and a part of many traveler’s bucketlists. The country is rich in art, history, and culture, hosting beautiful and timeless artworks, age-old ruins, and spectacular palaces and castles.

From the vibrancy of Rome, the calmness of Venice, to the grandiose of Tuscany, and more, Italy is a sight to see for all.

Here are a few things you can do in Italy:

Hike Cinque Terre

If you’re looking for picturesque villages, spectacular sights, local experiences, and open landscapes, you have to hike to Cinque Terre. Different routes take you there, but you will need stamina, a good pair of hiking boots, and a love of heights. If you visit during spring or fall, you’ll be able to avoid crowds and the red hot sun.

a picture of the colosseum

Explore Venice in a Gondola

Drifting along a Venetian canal sounds pretty cliché but it’s quite an experience to partake. Finding a gondola is easy — they’re all gathered around the Grand Canal. Talk to a gondolier, go with the one you’re most comfortable with, and ride away. The ideal time to ride a Gondola is during dusk as the sun slowly sets over the canals.

Bicycle around Tuscany’s Countryside

A sight to see, Tuscany’s countryside features small villages, historical ruins, farms, and local restaurants that’ll light up your trip. Join a guided cycling tour that’ll include dining, luggage, and lodging with visits to the local attractions.

Cook Pasta in Florence

Why go to Italy if you can’t enjoy (and make) perfect pasta? If you love to cook, you should head over to Florence. The city offers many ways to learn how to make perfect Italian pasta: you can join a local family and cook a meal with no more than six people, or take a cooking class. You can also learn how to make pizza and gelato.

Experience Opera in Verona

Not an opera lover? That’s okay. However, you need to see this spectacle in Verona’s historic Roman arena. This arena is the largest Roman amphitheatre and hosts the Verona Opera Festival every year. Experiencing the darkened space, massive sets, and music under the night sky is nothing short of magic.

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